We love being a local Tweed Shire / Southern Gold Coast family business and love even more that we are in a position to be able to make a difference to the lives of the people in our community.


How easy is it to make money for your club? It's SUPER EASY ...

  1. Register your sporting club, community group or charity with us.
  2. Decide which month you would like to participate.
  3. Tell everyone in your club to mention the club / group when they pay for their SUP or Kayak Hire.
  4. At the end of the month we will tally how many hires were from your club and you'll get a CASH donation from every one of those hires back into your club's kitty.
  5. We'll even provide a poster and a Social Media Post for you to share promoting your involvement, at no cost.


So how much do you get?

1 - 25 Hires in the allocated Month = 10% of total Hire $,  paid to your club in Cash               25 Hires = $50 Cash

26 - 50 Hires in the allocated Month = 15% of total Hire $, paid to your club in Cash             50 Hires = $150 Cash

51 - 100 Hires in the allocated Month = 20% of total Hire $, paid to your club in Cash         100 Hires = $400 Cash

101 + Hires in the allocated Month = 25% of total Hire $ paid to your club in Cash               150 Hires = $750 Cash


How easy is it to have 100+ hires I hear you ask?

We have 7 SUPs and 5 Kayaks for hire every hour, that's 108 hires a day. 

If you rallied the troops you could book-out a whole day or take it easy and everyone come in for a paddle whenever they like, throughout the month.

Raise money for your club or group all while having an awesome day of SUP & Kayak fun out on the water, exploring the gorgeous Tweed River.


Spaces for this opportunity are limited each month so jump on board and start earning money for your club from the 1st of next month.